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In puro

19 novembre 2019 • 20:00

Flamenco - Federico Ordoñez

This very personal and authentic work combines tradition and modernity.
With "In-Puro", Federico returns to the essence of the flamenco spirit and soul.
After almost 2 years out of the flamenco scene, the dancer decides to retake connection with the essence of his art with this new creation.
He spends those years, trying new experiences being part of contemporary music and dance companies.

He still collaborates with others gender of music and art, because for him it’s essential as a human been to learn and create new ways all the time.

It’s a back to the « pure » flamenco, without hiding his own personality ; respecting the singing heritage while creating the surrounding with his personal ideas and vision. For that reason he asked to Anthony Carrubba to be the guitarist and the composer of this show and to Esteban Murillo to be the singer.

Pure or impure ? Just be yourself.

Vocal Esteban Murillo, Guitar Anthony Carrubba, Dance Federico Ordoñez