Danse/cirque studio

e n t r e l í n e a s

| e n t r e l í n e a s | is a danced refection that has as a point of departure my curiosity/need to explore questions such as :
To what extent do we belong to ourselves ? Do we really own "our" ideas, convictions,
feelings, values, even our personalities ? Do we really have the power and the freedom
to decide ? What is deciding ? What is freedom ? Until which degree all these abstract
concepts are shaped by an “education” system that has domesticated us ?

During the process of research and development of this piece I don’t try to solve, but to delve into these questions. I try to discover where, how, why and how deep this questioning resonate inside my body, my flesh, my thoughts and my unconscious. All of these using dance improvisation and the intrinsic capacity of the body’s movement as the primary source of expression and communication and as creator of meanings.

Citlalli Avalos Montoya

Concept, création et interprétation Citlalli Avalos Montoya / Création sonore Diego Mnez Lanz / Regard extérieur Berengere Bodin, Estelle Bibbo / Costume Estelle Bibbo / Accueil en résidence Workspacebrussels - Workshop Foundation dans le cadre du programe Wild Cards Life Long Burning, P.A.R.T.S. (SummerStudios), Théâtre Marni, Escale du Nord Centre Culturel d’Anderlecht, Le BAMP et Gemeenschapscentrum Kontakt van Pieters-Woluwe.


Le travail a été présenté comme « travail en process » au Mexique (Pilot Festival Vol 2., CAMPiN Encuentro Escénico 2017), en France (Festival Constellations 7) et à Anvers (Mestizo Arts Festival).
Un try-out est prévu pour le 12 octobre dans le cadre du WIPCOOP sessions du Mestizo Arts Festival à Anvers.