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    Trees die standing tall

    31 janvier 2020 › 2 février 2020

    Theater / by Alejandro Casona (1903-1965)
    In Greek - Subtitles in English
    120’ (20’ break included)

    The multiple award winner Spanish playwright approaches the "vital lie" through a game of surrealism and tenderness, as a medicine and consolation for the disappointment and cruel face of life.

    According to the directors of the play Ioannis Economidis and Maria Karahaliou : The "vital lie" is the central theme and the great moral dilemma as to whether we ought to look the truth in the face at any cost or to remain in the safety of a delusion so that life flows peacefully. In a poetically transcendental way, the playwright plays between fantasy and reality. He seeks the elation in a world of illusion that will heal the disappointment and misery of a merciless reality. A play of multiple reversals, and ambiguous interpretations. A play which the viewer will take with him/her, will discuss it and often use it as a small lens for the interpretation of the world around us. Finally, do the trees die standing tall ? is there a dividing line between life and death ?
    A play that concerns all of us.


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